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Neighbour Mediation


When you have a dispute with a neighbour it can be tempting to hope that someone else will sort it out for you. Turning to an official agency, such as the Police, may lead to a lengthy process and sometimes this may not result in the best outcome for you.

Mediation Leeds believes that you and your neighbour are the best people to find a way forward. Mediation is one way to achieve this outcome.

We currently provide mediation 'free of charge at source' for cases referred by agencies that hold an agreement with MediationLEEDS. Please see our page for further details. At the present time all other cases will have to be paid for by the parties concerned, albeit at a reduced rate. 

What can you expect?

Neighbourhood disputes leafletA pair of mediators will arrange a private meeting with you, usually in your own home at a time that suits you. They will ask for your perspective on the situation and how you would like things to be between you and your neighbour. Our mediators will also meet with your neighbour for the same purpose.

After these initial private meetings, the mediators will help you and your neighbour decide how you want to continue. You can sort things out with your neighbour either indirectly or directly.

  • Indirectly - mediators can carry messages between neighbours.
  • Directly - mediators may smooth the way for a face-to-face meeting among neighbours.

Our mediators can:

  • Help you consider your options.
  • Listen to both you and your neighbour.
  • Help you and your neighbour understand each others concerns.
  • Help you explore possible solutions.
  • Help you determine whether these solutions are realistic.

Our mediators will not:

  • Take sides.
  • Decide or tell you what you should do.
  • Violate your privacy or break confidentiality unless they hear threats to harm someone.
  • Mediate situations where serious violence is likely.

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